Affiliate Q&A: What is Pay per Lead Advertising?

Posted by LoudMo on April 28th, 2010

With the rising popularity of online affiliate marketing, one of the most common questions asked online is “what is pay per lead advertising?” There is a huge collection of internet advertising types such as banner advertising, search engine advertising. But, one of the best methods of affiliate marketing is Pay per lead, a great choice for making money from website traffic.

pay per lead advertising
“one of the best methods of internet advertising is Pay per lead, a great choice for increasing traffic and profits.”

What is pay per lead advertising? First of all, leads are classified as bits of personal information that can include email addresses or demographic information about a potential customer. Pay per lead advertising, also known as PPL and CPL (cost per lead), means that advertisers pay affiliates for the information (advertisers can determine what kind of information they want). Affiliates can enjoy big profits from pay per lead advertising because they do not have to make an official sale on a website.

Advertisers may be concerned about click fraud or lead fraud, but false leads are easy to discover. Most affiliate networks take care of this issue and provide high quality traffic. Advertisers should always ensure that they truly understand what pay per lead advertising is before starting and also choose experienced affiliates who have worked with pay per lead ad campaigns before.

So, what is pay per lead advertising? It is a great opportunity to generate a list of potential customer leads and information. A successful pay per lead advertising campaign can generate high quality traffic and a potential for future direct marketing campaigns.
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